Diffusing Bias

The talkwas mainly about biases. The speaker was talking in an informative way that personally grabbed my attention. The flow of the presentation was perfect and easy, as I was able to understand each information he tried to deliver to the audience. Some of the information presented were related to a major problem which is that we are all biased without exception. I believe that we all are biased but in different forms. I was not convinced with the speaker’s conclusion that peoplewho do not believe they have bias are more likely to be biased. In my opinion this might be his opinion as he did not share any scientific evidence. However, based on. The psychological experiment, he succeeded to prove that people might notice some difference more than others which are related to stereotypes. Moreover, Mr. Bianna Kandola highlighted the fact that we create a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, we may impact the behavior of others with our experience and expectations and it ends up seeing what we are expecting to see. I was surprised by his way of convincing me of every information he is trying to deliver. For instance, priming is a way used to influence my behavior or my thoughts without noticing. By relating these cases to a real-life situation, I found that this is happening a lot every day. Finally, I learned that any individual can overcome biases by increasing self-awareness, conscious effort and responsibility.


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