Phase 1: Digital Narratives Games Project

-Game: Spent

-Game link:

– I felt that it was so stressful to take a decision of paying a certain amount of money and you will be running out of money or do not pay and get into a trouble. It is very difficult to make decision with a lack of experience in life. 

-I learned that money has a huge value and controlling it is very important.

-I suggest, putting different questions and situations for different ages. I felt that the questions were not suitable to my age. 

-Game: Syrian Journey 

-Game link:

-Honestly, I didn’t feel anything, It is very difficult to take on a role of another person who is in a trouble specially Syrians. They suffer emotionally and physically from a lot of things. It is hard to make a decision to where to escape to as long as you are not Syrian and cannot feel what they suffer from and what they are looking for in Europe. 

-However, I have learned that every decision you take, will cost you something in return.

-For improving this game, they have to provide more background about who I am taking on the role of.

-Game: Bury me, my love 

-Game link:

– I felt very bored. However, I liked the details and the way of communications through messages.

– I did not feel that I have learned anything from this conversation 

– For improving this game, they have to shorten it and make it more interesting.

Game: Fake it to make it

-Game link:

– I felt so lost and confused, I did not get the steps that I should went through in this game in order to finish it.

– I learned more about the level of credibility of a fake news and how to convenice people that my news are not fake.

-For improving this game, the instructions should be clearer and easier for gamers.

Game: Single mother and their daughters

Game link:

-I liked the way they tried to highlight the stories behind the closed doors in. I was too emotional while answering each question. I was shocked when I knew that the game is based on a true story.

-I have learned the difference between being a single mother and a daughter raised by a single mother. They know the importance of being independent. However, they take different decisions in order to satisfy each other and prove that they are capable as men. 

-I found the game very interesting and does not need any improvement.

-Game: Being under the influence

-Game link:

-I liked the sequence of the situations and how the choices were not leading and biased.

– I have learned more about pressure and how it plays a big role on the actions we take in our daily lives.

-I found the game very interesting and does not need any improvement.

In order to Compare the 6 games with each other, I decided to put a picture that describes each game from my perspective.


Syrian Journey

Bury me, my love

Single mother and their daughters

Fake it to make it

Being under the influence

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